3-D GeoSense® Positional Mapping

Real-Time Positional Data Acquired Quickly and Easily
This revolutionary system from IBAK gives you the power to map mainline and lateral pipelines with accuracy and speed! The new 3-D GeoSense® sensor tracks the movement of the camera as it travels through the lateral, capturing distance, position, and depth in three dimensional space. This data is captured and displayed by your data logging software.* Finally, there is no more guessing. You no longer have to track the system above ground with a locator, simply conduct your inspection and collect the positional data. This is the perfect system for cross-bore analysis!

Adaptability and Operation
The 3-D GeoSense® sensor is available in ORPHEUS 2.0, ORION, ORION-L, NANO, NANO-L, and POLARIS cameras. Whether used in mainlines on a tractor, in laterals with a LISY 3.2 system, or on a MiniLite Push System, the 3-D GeoSense sensor can provide you with amazing data. Additional equipment may be required. Please contact your representative to discuss adding this tool to your fleet!


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