Efficiency and Convenience
The best equipment in the world demands a control system to match. What good would a race car be if you had to reach behind the seat to shift the transmission? Unfortunately, many manufacturers do not take the time to solicit feedback from operators in the field like we do. As a result, they construct controllers that, while easy to manufacture, are difficult to use and negatively impact productivity. IBAK has been manufacturing sewer inspection equipment for over 60 years and we’ve learned a lot about what makes a system easy to use and efficient. You can be sure that when you use IBAK equipment you are in control and getting the job done.

All fixed mounted controllers come standard with a bi-directional system allowing users to communicate with employees at the rear of the vehicle or trailer.

Each piece of IBAK equipment is designed to meet the users needs - today and in the future! When you purchase a piece of IBAK equipment, you can rest easy knowing that you will have support from all future equipment. A great example is our control systems which automatically adapt to whatever equipment has been attached, then loads the appropriate firmware and the correct control and diagnostics interface. This saves system resources, reduces overall equipment expenditures, and makes the operator’s interface less cluttered with options that aren’t required.

BS3.5 / BS7.0 Mainline Controller
The BS3.5 and BS 7.0 controllers are the ultimate in ergonomic controller design. These controllers feature a small main unit that is easily mountable under the desk or in any electronic control rack. The remote control board acts as your diagnostic and control interface. All system functions are easily accessed by this small desktop unit. System information is displayed on a color LCD touchscreen while camera and tractor movements, focus, iris, cruise control and lateral launch commands are controlled from the dual, multi-axis joysticks. The BS7.0 controller is the standard fiber optic controller. This controller functions exactly like the BS3.5 controller, but includes larger power spplies and supports fiber optic systems like PANORAMO and PANORAMO SI.


BS 5.0 Mainline Controller
Our most powerful fiber optic controller is the BS 5.0. The BS 5.0 controller utilizes a unique remote control panel that can be positioned on your workspace and can control any piece of equipment easily and quickly. The BS 5.0 controller is the only control system capable of performing inspection lengths of up to 2000' (600m). If you need the greatest inspection distance and the brightest lighting, the BS 5.0 is your number one choice!




BP1 Controller
TheBP1 control console is equipped with a 10-inch touchscreen display and is optimally suited to control the MicroLite Push System. Pan and tilt cameras can be controlled by the BP1.

BP2 Controller
The BP2 control console is equipped with a 10-inch touchscreen display and one. The BP2 is optimally suited to control the compact pushrod system, MiniLite 2, but can also be used with the MicroLite system.

BP100 Controller
The BP100 control console is equipped with a 10-inch touchscreen display and two joysticks. The BP100 is optimally suited for controlling the compact system, MainLite, but can also be used with the MicroLite and MiniLite 2.


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