ELITE Mainline Package

The top of the line package for true professionals!
This package has all the equipment you need to inspect larger diameter pipelines up to 120" (3000mm) in diameter. The revolutionary ORPHEUS 2.0 camera delivers exciting new features with incredible picture clarity, all while delivering enough clean, bright LED light to illuminate huge areas. This ELITE package features an internal inclinometer to test pipe grade, additional wheel sets for greater traction in various environments, and an auxilary light ring to increase inspection capabilities in industrial and sewer pipelines. This system adds capabilities that can open up new revenue possibilities for professional pipeline inspectors.

Package Includes: T76 Tractor, ORPHEUS pan & tilt camera, KW305 cable winch with 1000' of cable, BE3.5 controller, inclinometer, RAD120 and 150 granulated traction wheels , grey pneumatic tires, ZSW 75 auxiliary light ring, downhole roller and a pressure test set.


System Highlights

Inspection of pipelines from 6" to 72" in diameter
Pan & Tilt Camera
Laser Crack Width Measurement
Diameter Measurement
Pipe Grade Measurement & Logging
Built-in tractor lowering winch and hook / retrieval system

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