MicroGATOR® Pipeline Cutter

Electric Rehabilitation Robotics
Introducing the most advanced cutting and grinding robot on the market today! The NEW MicroGATOR® 2.0 by IBAK provides operators with the quiet, clean power needed to accomplish the toughest jobs. The revolution of electrical cutters/grinders means that you can do your entire line from one access point without noisy air compressors or messy hydraulics.


MicroGATOR® 2.0 Cutter
The NEW MicroGATOR® 2.0 is a powerful, single-point electric reinstatement cutter manufactured to the exacting quality standards of IBAK. Have you ever wished that you could have this level of reliability, durability, and attention to detail in your cutter system? Well, the wait is over! With longer cable lengths, powerful and quiet cutting motors, and drive units designed to withstand the toughest jobs, this cutter has reset the industry's expectations.

High powered cutting motors are deployed from the durable cutter chassis. The main body expands to center the tool in the pipeline and the on-board monitoring camera insures that you can operate the unit with ease. You can even make 360 degree cuts!


Specifically designed to be used with the MicroGator®, the Cutter Cam gives users more forward awareness and ease in traversing pipelines. It's generous rotational area, along with an LED matrix, provides the best possible view and lighting of the area being worked on. The flexible focus of the CutterCam not only ensures that the cutting area is in sharp focus, but also provides a detailed view of the pipe wall nearest to the camera. This means that the repair results can be assessed and documented with convincing picture material.

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