PANORAMO® 4K Package

Mounted Systems

The PANORAMO® 3D optical scanning package is the latest in inspection technologies, and has changed the way that both pipelines and manholes are inspected. This package will allow you to inspect 3 to 5 times the amount of pipe per day as a traditional analog inspection system (also spending less time in busy intersections!) while providing amazing image clarity and astonishing deliverable. It’s capable of inspecting anything from storm water pipe to sanitary lines. The dual digital cameras produce images with up to 3,000 lines of resolution and provides an un-folded view of the pipeline. This package also features the virtual pan & tilt mode that allows anyone to inspect the pipe from the comfort of their office as if they were sitting in the camera truck. Everything you need to improve your inspection speed and increase your profits is included in this package.

Package includes: PANORAMO® 360° Camera System, Electronic Lift, Inclinometer, KW 505 Fiber Optic Reel with 1640’ of cable, BE 7 controller, PANORAMO® PCI Card, Downhole Rollers and a Pressure Test Set.

Inspection Range:

Min. Diameter

8" (200mm)

Max. Diameter

48" (1200mm) and up

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