Camera Tractors - Functionality and Flexibility
As a critical part of the inspection system, the tractor carries the camera into the pipeline. If you can’t get the camera there, you aren’t going to see it - so make sure that you choose the correct tractor for your application. While each tractor has its own unique strengths, you can usually make your decision based upon the expected inspection length required, and the diameter of the pipelines you will be inspecting. Our tractors are designed and engineered to work in all pipeline environments. Compact, powerful, durable, and agile, our tractors will provide you with years of dependable operation.

Tractor Comparison


T66 TractorT66 Camera Tractor
The new T66 Steerable Camera Tractor is the latest in the long line of innovative sewer camera transporters from IBAK. The T66 is the natural evolution of the incredibly popular KRA65 model that has been sold throughout the world. The T66 boasts a heavier chassis for added traction, smaller external dimensions for ease of use and greater pulling strength than its predecessor. Small and agile, yet more powerful than some tractors twice its size - the T66 is the core of an effective inspection system for sewers and pipelines ranging from 4” to 24” in diameter.


T76 TractorT76 Camera Tractor
The new T76 has the broadest range of any tractor system. This system which will inspect relined 6” sewer pipe, easily transforms into a tractor capable of inspecting large diameter pipelines. The new T76 is the first tractor capable of accepting a LISY Lateral Launch system attachment, turning it into a complete mainline and lateral launch solution! Features include zero radius steering, automatic tilt compensation, and a folding 2-axis rear connector. Accessories include remote elevators for lifting the camera above the water line and inclinometers for testing the slope of the pipeline.


T86 TractorT86 Camera Tractor
The T86 is the high power cousin to the T76. By trading steerability for a single, more powerful motor, you are able to operate this tractor in the most demanding environments. Heavier, providing greater traction, the T86 is capable of pulling out more cable and traversing larger amounts of debris in the sewer. Perfect for storm lines or any large diameter pipeline! Includes an integrated transmitter for location above ground. If used with the ORPHUES, the T86 can easily inspect pipes up to and over 120” in diameter.


Automatic Tilt Compensation (ATC)
One of the most unique technical features that IBAK steerable tractors provide is ATC. An internal sensor recognizes when the tractor is beginning to climb the pipe wall and will steer the tractor automatically back to the center of the pipeline. This dramatically reduces the chances of time consuming and expensive repairs caused by flipping over during operation.


Heavy By Design
Our equipment is designed to be compact and heavy. Why should a tractor be heavy? Traction is onlyl achieved by friction between the contact surface (wheel) and the pipe wall. Our systems pull longer distances and through slippery lines because we build them out of dense materials that provide maximum traction!

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