Treaded Tires
Available in two different composites, these wheels are perfect for climbing over rocks and debris. Profiled to maximize pipeline contact area, these high performance wheels provide extra grip in loose gravel and give you an edge when climbing up offset pipeline joints. Available in hard (black) or softer (brown) composites for any application.




Granulated Rubber Tires
Formulated specifically for PVC pipelines, these wheels work well in all slippery pipes. Designed to avoid damaging the pipe wall, they utilize a granulated rubber composite which improves traction without cutting into the pipe surface. Over time they will wear and become even more effective. If you are a contractor or city who inspects new PVC or pipe with FOG (Fats, Oils & Grease), then you need a set of our granulated rubber wheels.





Pneumatic Tires
These air-filled tires are great all-purpose tires for use in larger diameter pipes. Use them to climb over obstacles and power through silt and debris. Pneumatic tires are available in multiple sizes for the larger tractors. If you inspect large diameter pipelines, you cannot afford to overlook these wheels.





Tungsten Carbide High Traction Tires
With imbedded tungsten carbide shards that are almost as hard as diamonds, these heavy, specialized wheels provide incredible traction in nearly any pipe. These wheels power their way through debris finding traction through grease, or scramble over rocks and offset joints. Just be careful that you don't damage the pipe in the process!




Rubber Tires
Our standard rubber tires perform remarkably well in most applications. The soft rubber tires conform to the inside of the pipeline, maintaining a large area of contact that provides constant traction in normal conditions. Consult your manual for more information on these standard tires. These tires are inexpensive and easy to replace.



*NOTE: Size/diameter info listed is for the MINIMUM diameter. These wheels work in those diameters and greater.



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