The IBAK ARGUS® 6 is a full HD, pan and tilt camera designed for operation in mainline sewers of 8″ (200mm) diameter and up. It’s unique, patented ROTAX® picture control enables the viewer to operate the camera like a human head and neck, keeping the picture orientated correctly, no matter where the camera is looking. The integrated, adjustable high power LED lighting guarantees optimum illumination with constant color fidelity even in larger pipes up to 120” (3050mm) diameter. With the automatic lighting control system, defects can be clearly distinguished from e.g. grout shadows. The ARGUS® 6 also takes advantage of IBAK’s innovative one-push autofocus, which immediately provides a sharp image when activated. With an integrated laser you can comfortably perform and document extensive measurements such as diameter, defect, object and point-deformation measurements during the sewer inspection.

The ARGUS® 6 combines many of IBAK’s proven features into one single camera head. Full HD resolution, ROTAX® pan mechanism, automatic lighting control system, and one-push autofocus ensure that you will always have the best possible view, and is equipped for a wide variety of uses. It is compatible with all IBAK HD camera tractors and IKAS Evolution Software packages.

Inspection Range:

Min. Diameter

8" (200mm)

Max. Diameter

120" (3050mm)

Technical Specifications

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