MicroGator® 2.0


Upgrade your lateral reinstatement cutter system with the powerful MicroGator 2.0.  IBAK’s single-point electric rehabilitation cutter boasts longer cable lengths, quiet and efficient cutting motors, and a rugged drive unit designed for tough jobs. 

The durable chassis deploys high-powered cutting motors, while the main body expands to help center the tool accurately.  The MicroGator 2.0 features the option for 4th-Axis articulation, allowing forward cuts with ultimate control.  You can even make 360° cuts!  With the IBAK CutterCam®, operators always have an incredible view of the work area, ensuring easy operation every time.  If you’re looking for IBAK’s level of reliability and attention to detail in your CIPP reinstatement cutter, look no further than the MicroGator 2.0.

See the MicroGator® 2.0 in Action:

🎦 Cutting PVC in Real Time
🎦 Finding & Cutting Missed Tap
🎦 Cutting Protruding Taps & Roots
🎦 Cutting Out A Liner
🎦 Cutting A Lateral

MicroGator® 150 MicroGator® Air MicroGator® 2.0 MicroGator® GT
Range of Application 6" (150mm) and up 8" (200mm) and up 8" (200mm) and up System Dependent
Cable Length 500' (150m) Up to 1000' (300m) 500' (150m) System Dependent
Cutting Motor Power Electric Pneumatic Electric System Dependent
Pressure Monitoring
Continuously Variable Speed
Observation Camera
Front Camera - - -
Reverse Camera
Camera Lens Cleaning
Inspection -
UHP Water Jet Cutting - -
Set Top Hats -
Set Sleeves -

Inspection Range:

8" (200mm)


32" (800mm)

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