MicroGator® 2.0


Have you ever wished that you could have our high level of reliability, durability, and attention to detail in your cutter system?  Look no further than our powerful, single-point electric reinstatement cutter, the MicroGator® 2.0.  This cutter is manufactured to the exacting quality standards of IBAK, and is equipped with many incredible features.  With longer cable lengths, powerful and quiet cutting motors, and a drive unit designed to withstand the toughest jobs, the MicroGator® 2.0 has reset the industry’s expectations.

High powered cutting motors are deployed from the durable cutter chassis. The main body expands to center the tool in the pipeline and the on-board monitoring camera ensures that you can operate the unit with ease. You can even make 360° cuts!

MicroGator 2.0 in Action:
🎦 Cutting PVC in Real Time
🎦 Finding & Cutting Missed Tap
🎦 Cutting Protruding Taps & Roots
🎦 Cutting Out A Liner
🎦 Cutting A Lateral

Inspection Range:

minimum diameter

Min. Diameter

8" (200mm)

maximum diameter

Max. Diameter

32" (800mm)

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