MicroGator® GT

UHP Jetter

The MicroGator® GT creates new possibilities for the controlled removal of large, resistant deposits in the pipeline.  The rotating water-jet nozzle can be attached to your MicroGator® tractor, with an additional high-pressure water hose, to transform your cutting and grinding robot into an Ultra-High-Pressure water jetting system.  The MicroGator® GT has infinitely adjustable working pressure from 9.000 to 37.000 PSI and 3 to 13 GPM (gallons per minute).  The CutterCam® provides a constant view of the operating area so you can see exactly what you are cutting/jetting.  The MicroGator® GT has a large range of motion with a 400° Rotating elbow, full pan & tilt functionality, as well as 4th-Axis Articulation, giving operators ultimate control during operations.  There are a variety of different nozzle types available for purchase, including point blasting.  Elevate the rehabilitation services you offer with this next-level upgrade to your MicroGator® system.

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