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Inspection Systems

Pre-packaged inspection systems that come with everything you need upon delivery or the individual components that make up our high quality systems.


Be sure to check out the most advanced cutting and grinding robot on the market today.


Pair your IBAK system with the newest generation of IBAK’s sewer analysis software.


RapidView specializes in curating custom fitted vehicles to meet our customer’s EXACT needs!

IBAK's Track Record

  • 1945:  IBAK Founded
  • 1958:  First Sewer Camera 

  • 1968:  First Camera Tractor

  • 1980:  First Pan & Tilt Camera

  • 1989:  First Report Writing Software

  • 1993:  First Lateral Launch Robot

  • 1993:  First Always Upright Pan & Tilt

  • 1996:  First Pan & Tilt for 4″ (100mm)

  • 2000:  First Pan & Tilt Push Camera

  • 2002:  First 3D Optical Scanner

  • 2006:  First Manhole Scanner

  • 2013:  First Integrated Rehab Robots

  • 2013:  First Integrated HD Camera

  • 2016:  First Built-In 3D Sensor

  • 2018:  First 4K Hi-Res 3D Scanner

  • 2019:  First HD/SD Adaptive Camera
You can trust the company who the industry.

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