Key Features:

  • Full Digital HD Resolution (1920x1080p), HD Resolution (1280x720p), and SD Resolution (720x576p) 
  • 2x Optical Zoom / 16x Digital Zoom 
  • 12 High Power LEDs, controllable 
  • Auto-Upright Image Control 
  • Built-in laser for deformation & diameter measurements 
  • Panning Range +/- 120° 
  • Integrated Sonde Location Transmitter 
  • Optional 3D GeoSense Pipeline & Lateral Mapping Sensor 
  • Available for Lateral Navigation with additional Kiel Stick attachment 

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The ORION® 3 is an HD/SD adaptive inspection camera that can provide a full digital HD image (1920×1080), an HD image (1280×720) or an SD image (720×576). Once connected to your system, it will automatically detect your IBAK system capabilities and output the best quality image that your system will allow. The ultimate in flexibility and modularity with powerful digital zoom and laser measurement!

Inspection Range:

4" (100mm)


48" (1200mm)

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