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Our IBAK cameras take some great videos, and so do our RapidView employees!  Check out our video collection, ranging from step-by-step instructional videos on simple equipment repairs to product breakdowns where we highlight unique features that set our equipment apart from the rest.  Use the navigational buttons to jump to the videos you are looking for.

IBAK Inspection Equipment - Product Overviews

Take a closer look at the line of IBAK Inspection Equipment, where our dedicated sales team is ready to guide you through some of the key aspects of our advanced inspection systems.  Discover the unique features that can enhance your own services.  Our commitment to excellence drives us to provide top of the line equipment and ensure our customers are successful.

Video Description

The IBAK MainLite Systems are designed around our KW 206 & KW 306 drums. The MainLite systems are adaptable, capable, and ready to go at the push of a button. These affordable packages can meet your needs whether you are a small town, large municipality, or a successful inspection contractor.

IBAK Inspection Equipment - In the Field

Experience the clear picture that our true, digital HD inspection cameras can provide.  Our ARGUS 6, ORPHEUS HD, and ORION 3 HD cameras all leverage a fiber-optic cable that can provide full HD (1920x1080p) picture with no blur or image quality loss.  Our inspection systems are simple to set-up and break down to ensure our customers are increasing productivity in the field.

Video Description

Check out the IBAK HD picture/video quality! Some samples we’ve collected to show you just how clear the resolution really is. Captured at 1080p, and at 60 frames per second (fps) with the ORPHEUS 2.0 HD and the ORION 3 SD/HD Adaptive!

IBAK Smart Features - Setting Us Apart

Discover the features that IBAK has incorporated into their system components to not only increase productivity, but also decreasing downtime.  From how we pressurize our electronics to preventing turning over in the pipe, be sure to watch these short videos to see how they can be useful to you.

Video Description

Andy Melton shows you how internal cable strain relief along with the dual axis connector can help reduce the number of reterminations, decrease downtime, and increase your production.

IBAK Rehabilitation Equipment - MicroGator®

IBAK has developed the most advanced line of cutting and grinding robots for sewer rehabilitation on the market.  The MicroGator® 2.0 provides operators with the quiet, clean power needed to accomplish the toughest jobs.  The MicroGator® Air is a practical, affordable solution for service providers seeking the benefits of having a compact cutting system, and a complete inspection system.

Video Description

RapidView IBAK Salesmen Richie Notz and Kyle Secrist answer some of the most frequently asked questions about our single-point, electric reinstatement cutter, the MicroGator 2.0.

IBAK Software - IKAS® Evolution

IBAK’s powerful sewer analysis software, IKAS┬« Evolution gives the inspector full control of acquisition and sewer data analysis.┬á PACP, LACP, and MACP data interface capable, IKAS┬« Evolution can be adapted to the needs of modern sewer inspection and each individual user’s workflow.┬á Watch along, as our software experts guide you through the basics of this incredible sewer analysis software.

Video Description

Our Software Support Manager, Tim Keininger goes over some of the basic functions of our very own IKAS Evolution Software. Follow along as he shows step by step, how to navigate through different tools and modules. Subscribe so you don’t miss our future how-to videos, as there will be more soon!

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