Repair Request Form

RapidView equipment is engineered with the highest quality and built to last, however from time to time, repairs are necessary. RapidView is committed to keeping your system in operation with minimal downtime. Our repair centers are fully stocked with maintenance and repair items, and you can count on the exceptional service from our technicians. Typically, we can receive your equipment in the morning and ship it back the same day. RapidView also has several regional service centers who can perform both in-warranty and out-of-warranty repairs.

1828 West Olson Road
Rochester, IN 46975

Download the PDF version of our form, fill it out, and send it to us in the mail along with your equipment OR fill out the form below and ship your equipment to us.

Repair Request

Customer Information

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Return Shipping Information

Let us know where to send your equipment when your repair is complete.

Please respond with the amount of insurance needed or decline the need for insurance.

If 'No' is selected, RapidView will not insure the return of the equipment.  The customer will assume all liability for the loss or damage in shipping.


Billing Information

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Component Information

List the Equipment that you need repaired, along with their serial #, purchase date, and a short description of the repairs needed.

Dealer Information

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