IKAS Mini is a basic database application that will allow you to capture video and images, and produce a report with simple defect identification. Data and videos can be exported for the user to view the information.

  • Basic sewer data projects – basic module type
  • Managed sewer objects: sections, manholes, and laterals
  • Standard-compliant sewer data acquisition
  • Operation with task-related menus and dialogues
  • Assistant for condition data acquisition
  • Management of inspection projects with customer, project and job data
  • Management of sewer objects with maser and condition data, photo and video data
  • Import and attribution of digital photos to condition data
  • Digital single image capture from linked videos
  • Data transfer assistant
  • License-free sewer MPEG player for data transfer (without an MPEG decoder)
  • Digital MPEG recording with:
    • MPEG Mobile Encoder internal (with IBAK system configuration)
    • Configurable video overlay of master and condition data
    • Condition data acquisition synchronized with video recording
    • Simple acquisition section as lateral without reference data
    • Single monitor display with:
      • Live video display
      • Switch between the video picture and the IKAS dialogues

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