Key Features:

  • 10x Optical Zoom / 12x Digital Zoom 
  • 10+2 High Power LEDs (2x for illuminating joint gaps) switchable, controllable, temperature controlled 
  • LaserScan – Continuous Profile Analysis for deformation measurement 
  • Auto-Upright Image Control 
  • One-push Autofocus provides sharp image on command 
  • E-Flip – Correctly oriented picture every 180° 
  • Pan/Tilt Range of 240° (+/- 120°) 
  • Optional 3D GeoSense Pipeline & Lateral Mapping Sensor 

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The ORPHEUS® inspection camera is one of the most feature-rich standard definition CCTV cameras on the market today.  This mainline camera is designed for larger diameter pipes (6” and up) and is equipped with powerful lighting that can effectively illuminate pipelines up to 120” (3050mm) diameter.  With plenty of incredible features out of the box, the ORPHEUS® is the core to any standard definition mainline system.

Inspection Range:

6" (150mm)


120" (3050mm)

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