PANORAMO® 4K Package

Mounted Systems

Package includes: 
PANORAMO® 4K Pipeline Scanner
KW 505 Fiber Optic Reel with 1640’ of cable
BS 7 – 10 X Controller
Electronic Lift
Downhole Rollers
Pressure Test Set

PANORAMO® has revolutionized both pipeline and manhole inspections with its cutting-edge optical scanning technology. With the PANORAMO® 4K Package operators can inspect up to 5x more pipe per day with amazing image clarity and astonishing deliverables including 360° views and un-folded views. The virtual pan & tilt mode allows for convenient office-based inspections, allowing users to inspect now and analyze the data later. Get everything you need to increase your inspection speed and profits with this incredible package.

Inspection Range:

8" (200mm)


48" (1200mm) and up

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