Pneumatic Tires


These air-filled tires are great all-purpose tires for use in larger diameter pipes. Use them to climb over obstacles and power through silt and debris. Pneumatic tires are available in multiple sizes for all of our tractors. If you inspect large diameter pipeline, you cannot afford to overlook these wheels.

Wheel/Tire Configuration Chart

* = 30mm Axle Extender Required
** = Recommended Camera Connection for this configuration

T66 Accessories

* = Axle Extension (#900401142) Required
** = Lift Position (ex. 00% = the lift is all the way down, while 20% = the lift is being raised to the 20% position for this pipe size.)

T76/T86 Accessories

* = Axle Extension (#900401142) Required

LISY 3 Accessories

LISY 3 Accessories

Not Available at the moment.

* = Axle Extension (#900401142) Required

PANORAMO 2 Accessories

PANORAMO® Accessories

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