Core HD System

Mounted Systems

System includes:
T66 HD Tractor
KW 505 Cable Reel
BS 7 – 10 X Controller

Elevate your inspections with the clarity of high-definition resolution.  With the ORPHEUS HD and the T66 HD Tractor, you have the tools to inspect 80% of the world’s pipelines.  The ORPHEUS HD delivers crystal-clear digital HD picture quality, complemented by bright LED lights that illuminate some of the world’s largest pipelines.  The T66 HD Tractor is ideal for inspections in pipelines 6”-18” diameter, and a T76 HD or T86 HD can always be added later if you are in larger pipelines on a regular basis.  Enter the world of HD inspections with this comprehensive system.

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Inspection Range:

6" (100mm)


120" (3050mm)

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