Key Features:

  • Full Digital HD Resolution (1920 x 1080p) 
  • 10x Optical Zoom / 12x Digital Zoom 
  • 10+2 High Power LEDs (2x for illuminating joint gaps) switchable, controllable, temperature controlled 
  • LaserScan – Continuous Profile Analysis for deformation measurement 
  • Auto-Upright Image Control 
  • One-push Autofocus provides sharp image on command 
  • E-Flip – Correctly oriented picture every 180° 
  • Pan/Tilt Range of 240° (+/- 120°) 
  • Optional 3D GeoSense Pipeline & Lateral Mapping Sensor 

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The ORPHEUS® HD camera offers many exciting features and incredible digital HD picture clarity, all while delivering enough clean, bright LED light to illuminate huge areas.  With a higher resolution display than standard definition, this camera has the ability to zoom closer into observations and up into laterals without sacrificing picture quality. Don’t settle for low-resolution inspections when you can leverage the quality of your service like never before with the ORPHEUS® HD.

Inspection Range:

6" (150mm)


120" (3050mm)

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