LISY 3.2 Lateral Launch System

Mounted Systems

The LISY 3.2 is the latest evolution of IBAK’s Lateral Launch system. With faster launch speeds, shorter front connector options, continuous camera rotation, and smaller launch cameras, the LISY 3.2 is perfect for reverse launches and projects that require more demand. This system is capable of launching from a 6” to 48” mainline pipe into laterals 2” and up. The entire drive system was revamped with a larger drive motor and more efficient pressure wheels to increase the launch speed by up to 4x faster than other lateral launchers!

Inspection Range:

Min. Diameter

6" (150mm)

Max. Diameter

48" (1200mm)

Technical Specifications

Wheel/Tire Configuration Chart

LISY 3 Accessories

LISY 3 Accessories

LISY 3 Accessories

LISY 3 Accessories

* = Axle Extension (#900401142) Required

LISY 3 Accessories

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