Key Features:

  • Pushrod Capability and designed for Lateral Navigation  
  • 4 white Power-LEDs 
  • Auto-Upright Image Control 
  • Built-in laser for deformation & diameter measurements 
  • Panning Range +/- 120° / Viewing Range +/- 150° 
  • Integrated Sonde Location Transmitter 
  • Optional 3D GeoSense Pipeline & Lateral Mapping Sensor 

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The NANO-L® is perfect for LISY Lateral Launching. The smaller camera, when used with our more flexible pushrods, will allow you to launch “backwards” into laterals with ease when traveling against the flow. The smaller size also means you can push around obstacles and squeeze through pipe bends much easier. The NANO-L® is perfect for small diameter lateral launch or for larger pushrod inspections.

Inspection Range:

3" (75mm)


24" (610mm)

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