Key Features:

  • Pushrod Capability and designed for Lateral Navigation 
  • 16x Digital Zoom 
  • 12 High Power LEDs, controllable 
  • Auto-Upright Image Control 
  • Built-in laser for deformation & diameter measurements 
  • Panning Range +/- 120° 
  • Integrated Sonde Location Transmitter 
  • Optional 3D GeoSense Pipeline & Lateral Mapping Sensor 

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🎦 Air Pressurization/Regulation

The ORION-L® SD adds our unique lateral launch stick, nicknamed “Kiel stick” for the city in which it was invented. This camera allows you to choose direction and “steer” into and around pipe fittings. Perfect for industrial applications or lateral launching. Paired with the same features as the ORION® SD, this camera can get just about anywhere!

Inspection Range:

4" (100mm)


48" (1200mm)

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