Mobile Systems

No other system captures the quality or quantity of data that the PANORAMO® SI 4K does. It’s unique ability to capture every inch during a manhole inspection ensures you never miss an observation. The PANORAMO® SI 4K manhole scanner can be used as an add-on to your existing PANORAMO® system, or can be used as a portable stand-alone unit with our new KW SI Cable Reel.

This newly designed cable reel can be operated from the mobile rack with a laptop, or it can be installed in a vehicle. The quick-acting fasteners allow the cable reel and mobile rack to be removed from the vehicle and converted into a mobile manhole scanning system in a few easy steps. All of the components of the system are intended for outdoor use, from the large pneumatic tires to the water-resistant laptop. Power is supplied from high-efficiency standard rechargeable batteries or a lithium battery installed in your vehicle.

Inspection Range:

minimum diameter

Min. Diameter

12" (300mm)

maximum diameter

Max. Diameter

120" (3050mm)

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