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No other system captures the quality or quantity of data that PANORAMO SI 4K does. Other 3D optical manhole scanners are slow, clumsy, and unsafe & we all know how much of a pain using a pole camera for sewer inspection can be. With its unique ability to capture every inch of the manhole, you will never miss an observation. Keep your employees safe, increase the productivity and accuracy of your crews and provide clear data that helps system owners make informed decisions. The PANORAMO® SI can be used as an add-on to your existing PANORAMO® system or can be used as a portable stand-alone unit. Completely self-contained system on a 4′ x 4′ skid that can easily be mounted in a cargo van, pick-up bed, or an off road ATV. The electronics are mounted in a shock-resistant military style case with a flip-up monitor and keyboard.

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PANORAMO® SI 4K Mobile Configuration

Inspection Range:

minimum diameter

Min. Diameter

12" (300mm)

maximum diameter

Max. Diameter

120" (3050mm)

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