Camera Systems

Key Features:

  • Collect data in the field – analyze back at the office 
  • Twin 185° Digital Fisheye Lens Cameras 
  • Powerful Xenon Strobe Lighting 
  • 4K (4096 x 2160 pixels) Resolution – 4x Greater than digital HD 
  • Maximum Speed of 14” (35cm) / sec. 
  • Multiple Views for Data Analysis – Perspective, Unfolded, and Full Pipe Segment Unfolded Views 
  • Improves crew productivity and safety 
  • Add-on to existing PANORAMO® Systems 

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PANORAMO® SI 4K Mobile Configuration

Maximize your data collection with the revolutionary PANORAMO SI 4K system.  The days of unreliable pole cameras or slow & cumbersome optical manhole scanners are over.  The PANORAMO® SI 4K can capture every inch of the manhole in one motion, providing accurate and efficient data every time.  Keep your employees safe, improve crew productivity, and provide clear, actionable data for informed decision making.

Choose the PANORAMO® SI 4K as an add-on to your existing PANORAMO® system or as a portable stand-alone unit, self-contained on a compact 4’ x 4’ skid for easy transportation.  On the skid, the unit can easily be mounted in a cargo van, pick-up bed, or an off-road ATV.  The electronics are housed in a military-style case with a flip-up monitor and keyboard, making it a durable and convenient solution for manhole inspection.

Inspection Range:

12" (300mm)


120" (3050mm)

Application Pipeline Pipeline Manhole
Max Speed 69' (21m)/minute 69' (21m)/minute 14" (350mm)/second
Pressure Protection Standard Standard Standard
Viewer Software Free, distributable Free, distributable Free, distributable
Cameras Twin 185° Digital Twin 185° Digital Twin 185° Digital
Zoom Digital Digital Digital
3D Perspective View Standard Standard Standard
Measurement Standard in Unfolded View Standard in Unfolded View Available (in 3D)
CAD Output - - .dxf
Lighting High Power LED Xenon Strobe Xenon Strobe

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