MiniLite® 2.0

Mobile Systems

The new MiniLite 2.0 Push Camera System features an all new controller module design. With a bright 10″ touch screen (BP 2 Controller) and a built in Windows PC, this controller is ready right out of the box. The new multi-function joystick allows precise control of our pan & tilt cameras, and with continuous rotation built-in, you won’t have to worry about over-rotating your camera (excluding POLARIS and AxialCam). This system is a compact and versatile platform for inspection of small diameter sewer lines, and is compatible with POLARIS, NANO, NANO-L, ORION (3x Digital Zoom), ORION-L (3x Digital Zoom), and AXIAL cameras. Optional skid configurations are available.

Inspection Range:

Min. Diameter

3" (75mm)

Max. Diameter

48" (1200mm)

Technical Specifications

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