The ORPHEUS 2.0 mainline inspection camera that has been redesigned to move beyond the specifications of its predecessor. With more powerful zoom, higher picture quality, greater lighting, and an increased deployment range, this newly designed CCTV camera can easily take on any pipeline 6″ or larger! In addition, the ORPHEUS 2.0 has an integrated measuring system. Measurements are performed with two lasers which calculate the distance between the camera and the inner pipe wall, determining the profile of the pipe. The complete profile is performed as the crawler is moving in reverse while the ORPHEUS rotates continuously. Once you use a sewer camera with these features, you won’t ever want to go back!

Highlighted Features:
🎦 Air Pressurization/Regulation

Inspection Range:

Min. Diameter

6" (150mm)

Max. Diameter

120" (3050mm)

Technical Specifications

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